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 ===== General Setup ===== ===== General Setup =====
-  *One [[adi>​CN0303|EVAL-CN0303-SDPZ]] Evaluation Board+  *One EVAL-CN0303-SDPZ Evaluation Board
   *One [[adi>​en/​mems-sensors/​mems-inertial-sensors/​adxl001/​products/​EVAL-ADXL001/​eb.html|ADXL001]] Evaluation Board   *One [[adi>​en/​mems-sensors/​mems-inertial-sensors/​adxl001/​products/​EVAL-ADXL001/​eb.html|ADXL001]] Evaluation Board
   *[[adi>​EVAL-SDP-CB1Z|EVAL-SDP-CB1Z]] Evaluation board   *[[adi>​EVAL-SDP-CB1Z|EVAL-SDP-CB1Z]] Evaluation board
-  *[[ftp://​​pub/​cftl/​CN0303|CN0303 Evaluation Software]]+  *CN0303 Evaluation Software
   *One 6V wallwart. ​ (EVAL-CFTL-6V-PWRZ)   *One 6V wallwart. ​ (EVAL-CFTL-6V-PWRZ)
   *One DC power supply with a 0-6V output. ​ (HP6236B) ​   *One DC power supply with a 0-6V output. ​ (HP6236B) ​
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