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Circuits from the Lab Reference Designs

Welcome to Circuits from the Lab Reference Designs from Analog Devices!

Circuits from the Lab reference designs are designed, developed, produced, maintained, and supported by Analog Devices Inc (ADI) engineers. The reference designs cover all technology facets across Analog Devices to provide high quality hardware and software solutions which can be used directly in your applications.


Circuits from the Lab reference designs enable system and sub-system level prototyping and proof of concepts design work. Have a look at this short video to learn more.


The application hardware is designed to be modular and plug and play, fitting into many industry standard form factors such as Arduino, Raspberry Pi Hats, peripherals modules (PMODs), FPGA mezzanine cards (FMC), Feather Wings, and more. Each board can be purchased directly on or via one of the authorized distributors. All the design files for the hardware can be downloaded directly from their respective web pages, making it easy to integrate the solution into your design.


The software is also modular in design as well as open-source, and the source code can be obtained through the Analog Devices GitHub Repository. Being made up of several layers, the software infrastructure is designed not for a single device, rather scale to thousands of devices making it easier to put larger systems together faster. This also makes it easier to go from one reference design to another without having to relearn the software stack. It also makes it easier to connect all designs to higher level tools such as MATLAB, Python, LabVIEW, and others. ADI provides:

  • Linux Drivers
  • no-OS Drivers (bare metal)
  • Device Trees
  • HDL
  • Device Tree Overlays (for RPIs)
  • Pre-compiled embedded hex files
  • Python interfaces and scripts
  • MATLAB toolboxes and examples
  • and more


Documentation is extremely important and there are typically two documents that accompany any individual reference design.

  1. The circuit note is the application-level document talking about the application challenges and value the ADI reference design can provide. It walks you through the different aspects of the application and the various systems and sub systems that need to be addressed when creating a complete solution. There are test results, circuit diagrams, block diagrams, images, tables and more to help you better understand how everything interacts and works together.
  2. The user guide will take you through the process of understanding and configuring the hardware, and then instruct you on how to get the system up and running. It will tell you about all the hardware and software requirements and provide step by step instructions with block diagrams and images along the way to help out. The main goal of this document is really just to get the user up and running so they can start evaluating, prototyping, and customizing as quickly as possible.


Visit the Circuit from the Lab channel on YouTube, and check out the various unboxing videos, getting started guides, application demos, tutorials and more!

Available Reference Designs

For a complete list of Circuit from the Lab reference design projects and user guides use the link below.


Analog Devices provides support for all the reference designs using the online support forums. If you have any questions please post them here.

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