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   - [[.:​ad-fmcomms2-ebz:​introduction|Introduction]]   - [[.:​ad-fmcomms2-ebz:​introduction|Introduction]]
-  - [[.:arradio:​hardware|Hardware]]:​ This provides a brief description of the board by itself, and is a good reference for those who want to understand a little more about the boardIf you just want to use the board, you can skip this section, and come back to it when you want to incorporate the AD9361 into your product. +  - Hardware (Schematics) see [[​en/​products/​arradio/​terasic-technologies|ARRADIO]] 
-    ​[[.:​arradio:​hardware|Hardware]] +    - [[.:​ad-fmcomms2-ebz:​hardware:​functional_overview|Functional Overview & Specifications]] 
-      - [[.:​ad-fmcomms2-ebz:​hardware:​functional_overview|Functional Overview & Specifications]] +    - [[.:​ad-fmcomms2-ebz:​hardware:​configuration_options|Configuration options]] 
-      - [[.:​ad-fmcomms2-ebz:​hardware:​configuration_options|Configuration options]] +    - [[.:​ad-fmcomms2-ebz:​hardware:​tuning|Tuning the system]]
-      - [[.:​ad-fmcomms2-ebz:​hardware:​tuning|Tuning the system]]+
   - Use the board to better understand the AD9361   - Use the board to better understand the AD9361
     - [[.:​ad-fmcomms2-ebz:​prerequisites|What you need to get started]]     - [[.:​ad-fmcomms2-ebz:​prerequisites|What you need to get started]]
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