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     - [[.:ad-fmcomms2-ebz:prerequisites|What you need to get started]]     - [[.:ad-fmcomms2-ebz:prerequisites|What you need to get started]]
     - [[.:ad-fmcomms2-ebz:quickstart|Quick Start Guides]]     - [[.:ad-fmcomms2-ebz:quickstart|Quick Start Guides]]
-      - [[.:ad-fmcomms2-ebz:quickstart:zynq|Linux on Altera SoCKit]]+      - [[.:arradio:quickstart:alterasockit|Linux on Altera SoCKit]]
       - [[/resources/tools-software/linux-software/zynq_images#preparing_the_image|Configure a pre-existing SD-Card]]       - [[/resources/tools-software/linux-software/zynq_images#preparing_the_image|Configure a pre-existing SD-Card]]
       - [[/resources/tools-software/linux-software/zynq_images#staying_up_to_date|Update the old card you received with your hardware]]       - [[/resources/tools-software/linux-software/zynq_images#staying_up_to_date|Update the old card you received with your hardware]]
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