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The ARRADIO board is an HSMC board by Arrow & Terasic for the AD9361, a highly integrated RF Agile Transceiver™. While the complete chip level design package can be found on the the ADI web site. Information on the card, and how to use it, the design package that surrounds it, and the software which can make it work, can be found on this page.

The ARRADIO board is not a product of Analog Devices, and questions about purchase, or returns should go to Arrow. You can purchase the board from Arrow's web site.

The purpose of the ARRADIO board is to provide an RF platform to which shows maximum performance of the AD9361. It’s expected that the RF performance of this platform can meet the datasheet specifications without issues at 2.4 GHz, and not much anywhere else. This is due to the external Johanson Technology's 2450BL15B050E 2.45 GHz Balun that is on the board. This balun is rated for a operating frequency of 2400~2500 MHz.

This platform is primarily for hardware / RF investigation and bring up of various waveforms from a RF team before their custom hardware is complete, where they want to see waveforms at their frequency of interest, and are not afraid of changing out the balun if necessary. (Have a look in the Configuration sections).

The ARRADIO board is very similar to the AD-FMComms2-EBZ, except it utilizes the HSMC connector which connects to the Arrow SoCKit.

Table of Contents

People who follow the flow that is outlined, have a much better experience with things. However, like many things, documentation is never as complete as it should be. If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

  1. Hardware (Schematics) see ARRADIO
  2. Use the board to better understand the AD9361
    1. Linux Applications
    2. Push custom data into/out of the AD9361
  3. Design with the AD9361
    1. Simulation
    2. Hardware in the Loop / How to design your own custom BaseBand
      1. MATLAB/Simulink Examples
      2. FM Radio/Tuner (listen to FM signals on the HDMI monitor)
    3. Design a custom AD9361 based platform
      1. HDL Reference Design which you must use in your FPGA.
  4. Additional Documentation about SDR Signal Chains


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