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AgileNet 6T (AN6T) Wireless Networking Protocol Solutions

AgileNet 6T is a long range Sub-GHz wireless networking solution for Emergency Lighting, ​Commercial Agriculture and Commercial Environment monitoring Applications ​which are highly reflective and have multi-path environments.

AgileNet 6T is based on 6TiSCH. 6TiSCH is combining the performance of IEEE802.15.4e TSCH with an IPv6-enabled upper stack. The IEEE 802.15.4 standard uses different frequency band, and each frequency band is separated in channels. In TSCH, communications are done using those different channels and at different times. However, IEEE 802.15.4 standard does not define how to build and maintain the communication schedule. AN6T Wireless networking solution defines to organize the communication schedule in a distributed way.

AN6T Wireless Solution Architecture

Features and Specifications

  • Reliable Mesh Network
  • Data rate around 50Kbps
  • Payload size 90 bytes
  • Range: Indoors & Outdoors - To be Measured
  • OTA Support
  • Secured Communication

AN6T Stack Architecture

AgileNet-6T software package

Installing the AgileNet-6T software package

Download the AgileNet-6T software by filling in the request form at Complete the following steps after navigating to the software request form:

  1. Fill in the requested information under the Software Recipient Information and Commercial information sections.
  2. Under the Software requested section, set Target hardware to Ultra Low Power Microcontrollers, Product Number to ADuCM4050, and select the AgileNet 6T checkbox for Software requested.
  3. After the request is approved, a link to download the software is sent to the provided email address.
  4. Use the link to install the AgileNet-6T software package.

Additional resources

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