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Supported Carriers

The EVAL-ADRV9026/ADRV9029 are, by definition “FPGA mezzanine cards” (FMC), that means they need a carrier to plug into. The carrier we currently support is:

Board EVAL-ADRV9026/ADRV9029
Arria 10 SoC
  1. some way to interact with the platform,
    1. for the ARM/FPGA SoC platforms, this normally includes:
      • DisplayPort monitor
      • USB Keyboard
      • USB Mouse
    2. for the FPGA only solutions, this includes:
      • LAN cable (Ethernet)
      • Host PC (Windows or Linux)
  2. Internet connection (without proxies makes things much easier) to update the scripts/binaries on the SD Card that came with the ADI FMC Card. (Firewalls are OK, proxies make things a pain).
  3. RF Test equipment
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