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   * {{:​resources:​eval:​user-guides:​adrv9009_zu11eg:​|Rev B DXF File}}   * {{:​resources:​eval:​user-guides:​adrv9009_zu11eg:​|Rev B DXF File}}
   * {{:​resources:​eval:​user-guides:​adrv9009_zu11eg:​|Rev B STP File}}   * {{:​resources:​eval:​user-guides:​adrv9009_zu11eg:​|Rev B STP File}}
 +The Heat spreader plate 3D model is located here:
 +  * {{:​resources:​eval:​user-guides:​adrv9009_zu11eg:​|Heat spreader 3D File}}
 +Note: Thermal material being used is Panasonic EYG-T7070A10A. The Power Control sequencer shuts down when the PCB reaches 90C.
 The FMC connector pinouts are located here: The FMC connector pinouts are located here:
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