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User Guide for Evaluating The ADR3625 Devices


  • ADR3625 Evaluation Board
  • Gold pin connectors to allow the addition of passive components
  • Reserved SMB PCB trace for the output of signals
  • Reserved Binding Post PCB trace for extra pins
  • Binding post for easy connection for supply and meters

Evaluation Kit Contents

  • EVAL-ADR3625EBZ Evaluation Board

Equipment Needed

  • DC voltage source
  • Analog signal source
  • Multimeter

Additional Documents Required

General Description

The EVAL-ADR3625EBZ evaluation board is for evaluating ADR3625 unit that is included in the board. Figure 1 shows the EVAL-ADR3625EBZ evaluation board. VIN, GND Force and OUT Force are installed with binding post for easy connection with the most common bench setup connector. PCB traces are also provided for Sense pins, passives and SMB for more sophisticated setup/usage. Full specifications of the device under test (DUT) are available in the product data sheet, which should be consulted in conjunction with this user guide when using the evaluation board.

Evaluation Board Photograph

Figure 1. EVAL-ADR3625EBZ

Evaluation Board Hardware

Use the EVAL-ADR3625EBZ to evaluate the ADR3625 devices in the board. Figure 1 shows the evaluation board.


Binding post P1, P2, P10, P11, and P12 provides the ability to easily connect the supply, ground and the load to equipment with just banana jack or clamping cable.

The link header P3 provides the ability to simply connect the EN pin to the VIN pin to eliminate additional external supply. P4 and P5 can also be shorted in application where line resistances are negligible.

Table 1. Link Header Descriptions

Label Position Description
P3 Shorted EN Pin
P4 Shorted GND Force to GND Sense
P5 Shorted VOUT Force to VOUT Sense

Evaluation Board Schematic and Artwork

Figure 2. EVAL-ADR3625EBZ Evaluation Board Schematic

Figure 3. EVAL-ADR3625EBZ Silkscreen

Figure 4. EVAL-ADR3625EBZ Top Layer

Figure 5. EVAL-ADR3625EBZ Bottom Layer

Ordering Information

Bill of Materials

Table 2. Bill of Materials

Reference Designator Description Manufacturer Part Number Stock Code
C1 0.1 µF, 50 V, X7R, ceramic capacitor GRM21BR71H104KA01L FEC 2408531
C2 10 µF, 10 V tantalum capacitor TAJB106K016RNJ FEC 498-737
C3 to C26 Harwin subminiature sockets (2) H3153-01 FEC 2120079
J1 to J4 SMB sockets 1206013 FEC 310-682
J5 2-pin terminal block (5 mm pitch) KRM 02 FEC 151-785
K1 to K8 Jumper blocks using 3-pin SIP header M20-9990345 and M7566-05 FEC 512-047 and 150-411
P1 to P4 Harwin subminiature sockets (2) H3153-01 FEC 2120079
T1 to T8 Test points 20-313137 FEC 240-345
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