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ADMV96S-WGBE-EK1 Software User Guide

Wethlink GUI is an optional software that can be used to configure the firmware operation from a PC. The firmware establishes a wireless link automatically without any input from the Wethlink GUI. For a quick evaluation of the ADMV96S-WGBE-EK1 you need not use the software at all. But if you want to better observe or change the behavior of the firmware or want access to the raw registers of the devices, you may use the software to achieve that, and this page walks you through the installation process..




  • git
  • libiio
  • python3
  • pip

Software Setup

  • To install the GUI double click the wethlink_installer.exe file. When prompted press Install and after the setup is completed press Close.

  • After installation the app is found at the path of the Destination Folder in the previous step.
  • You can start the app by double clicking the wethlink.exe file in the destination folder or by launching it from the Windows start menu.

There is no installer provided on Linux, you have to clone the repo, install the dependencies and run the app in python.

$ git clone # TODO: does not exist yet
$ cd wethlink
$ pip install PyQt6 pyserial pylibiio
$ python
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