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Evaluation Board ADL5960-EVALZ allows evaluation of the ADL5960 network analyzer front-end IC. The ADL5960 with integrated bridge simultaneously measures forward and reverse (aka incident and reflected) signal, coupled thru the bridge. The integrated mixers down convert the incident and reflected RF signals to IF, measured at the IF output ports. SPI bus over a 14-conductor ribbon cable allows for programmable configuration, IF gain, and IF low-pass bandwidth.

Hardware Hookup

The ADL5960 Evaluation Board ships as a kit with a ribbon cable and a pre-programmed DC2026C 'Linduino' board, which acts as a bridge between the PC's USB port and the ADL5960 Evaluation Board. Do not connect the USB cable until AFTER the software has been downloaded and installed (see below).

  1. Use the supplied 14-conductor ribbon cable to connect the DC2026C "Linduino" board with the ADL5960 evaluation board.
    The Linduino board receives power from the PC USB port, so no external power is needed to the Linduino. Do not connect the USB cable to the PC until AFTER the software has been downloaded and installed.
  2. The ADL5960 evaluation board requires external power as noted in the ADL5960-EVALZ USER GUIDE. See link below.

Software Installation and Usage

  1. Download the GUI software from the product page at en/products/adl5960.html. Double-click to run the installer, then follow the simple on-screen instructions. It is recommended to use the default installation directory. The installer will also automatically install the necessary USB drivers for the Linduino board.
  2. After software installation, it's now OK to connect the USB cable from PC to Linduino. This causes the PC OS to automatically load the required USB driver for the Linduino.
  3. Software installation places shortcuts on both the PC desktop and in the Start menu. Double-clicking either will bring up the Graphical User Interface program.
  4. The GUI software should automatically locate and show the ADL5960 connection as a COM port number. Click the Connect button. All ADL5960 user-configurable registers now appear and become editable.


User Guide

PCB Gerber Files

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