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ADIN1300 and ADIN1200 Product Wiki Page and Evaluation Documentation

The product pages for the ADIN1300 and ADIN1200 Ethernet PHYs can be found on the link below:


1. ADIN1300 and ADIN1200 Layout Considerations - This user guide contains recommended PCB layout considerations when designing a physical layer circuit using the ADIN1300 and ADIN1200.

2. ADIN1300 and ADIN1200 with Capacitive Coupling - This wiki page contains recommended circuit, and application for a transformerless ADIN1300 and ADIN1200 Physical Layer Circuit.

3. PHY FAQ -A quick overview of frequently asked questions.

4. PHY Exchange Guides

10/100Mbit PHYs

10/100/1000Mbit PHYs

5. IEEE Compliance Test Mode Access

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