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The AD-9213-DUAL-EBZ platform includes two AD9213, single, 12-bit, 10 GSPS, radio frequency (RF) analog-to-digital converters (ADC) with the JESD204B interface. The two 10 GSPS data converters are interleaved to sample at 20 GSPS enabled by their built-in multi-chip synchronization capability. The ADF4377, high performance, ultra-low jitter, dual output integer-N phased locked loop (PLL) with an integrated voltage-controlled oscillator (VCO), supports the interleaving. The LTC6955, low jitter, fanout clock buffer, and the LTC6952 JESD204B clock generation and distribution IC enable a clocking architecture built for multi-channel scalability.
The platform allows users to direct sample L, S, and C bands, all while supporting up to 8GHz of IBW per channel. It is a complete reference design, from RF to bits: RF layouts, clocking architectures, power distribution network designs, and a full software stack (HDL to MATLAB). It is designed to be plug-and-play out of the box, enabling a reduction in design/prototype cycle time and going to market faster.


  • 20GSPS sample rate through interleaving supporting up to 8 GHz of instantaneous BW
  • Multi-chip synchronization (MCS) at 10GSPS using a scalable reference distribution architecture
  • Input network supporting a wide analog frequency range DC - 9GHz
  • Compact layout scheme that can be quickly adopted into a customer application


  • EW
  • ECM / ECCM
  • Radar
  • Instrumentation
  • Multi-channel Wideband receivers

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