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AD4170 Customer Evaluation Board User Guide

The EV-AD4170-ASD1Z-U1 evaluation kit features the AD4170, a multiplexed sigma delta analog to digital converter (ADC) 4.5nV/rtHz ultra low noise core, integrated PGA and programmable digital filter offering output data rates from 500ksps to 5sps.

The PC software fully configures the AD4170 device register functionality and provides AC time domain analysis in the form of waveform graphs, histograms, and associated noise analysis for ADC performance evaluation. The AC analysis is also provided by the software, examples of which are; an FFT displaying the first 5 harmonics SNR, SFDR S/N+D and THD.

The AD417x Family

The AD417x family of ADCs offers the highest integration and feature set required in the design of a multi-sensor measurement and is truly a platform measurement device, combining ac and dc performance that enables instrumentation and industrial system designers to design across multiple measurement requirements for both isolated and non-isolated applications.

All devices in the family offer excellent DC and AC performance. Where the AC performance is key, the input path is optimized to ensure the best performance can be captured. Here the integrated PGA can easily be bypassed if ultra low distortion measurement is required. The ultra low noise integrated PGA supports gains from X0,5 to X128, enabling an input span of +/- 2 * VREF/gain – See the PGA section for more details. The AD417x devices include a rich feature set from integrated low drift xppm/C reference, and key building blocks required for sensor excitation current and sensor biasing. The AD4172 has an an onboard programmable 12bit voltage out DAC that can also be used for sensor biasing or excitation, the family of parts offer an extremely robust and trusted measurement solution through the integration of a large number of of measurement diagnostics

Evaluation board Features

  • Full featured evaluation board for the AD4170
  • PC control in conjunction with the system demonstration platform (EVAL-SDP-CB1Z/EVAL-SDP-CK1Z)
  • PC software for control and data analysis (time and frequency domain)
  • Standalone capability

Evaluation Kit

  • EV-AD4170-ASD1Z-U1 Evaluation Board

Associated Software

Quick Start Guide

The following steps highlight the process to begin using the evaluation board.

Equipment Required

  1. PC running Windows with a USB2.0 port and software installed.
  2. Controller Board
    1. Option A: EVAL-SDP-CK1Z and a USB-C cable
    2. Option B: EVAL-SDP-CB1Z and a Micro-USB cable

Getting started

Ensure the SDP board is not connected to the USB port of the PC
  1. Install the Ace Plugin
  2. Connect the EV-AD4170-ASD1Z-U1 to the controller board
    1. Option A: Connect the EV-AD4170-ASD1Z-U1 to the EVAL-SDP-CK1Z
      1. Using the 120 pin connector
        • Screw the two boards together using the plastic screw-washer set included in the evaluation board kit to ensure that the boards are connected firmly together.
      2. Using the Arduino Connectors
    2. Option B: Connect the EV-AD4170-ASD1Z-U1 to the EVAL-SDP-CB1Z
      • Using the 120 pin connector
        • Screw the two boards together using the plastic screw-washer set included in the evaluation board kit to ensure that the boards are connected firmly together.
  3. If using Windows® XP, it may be needed to search for the controller board drivers. Choose to automatically search for the drivers for the controller board if prompted by the operating system.
  4. Launch the ACE plugin from the Analog Devices subfolder in the Programs Menu.
  5. The Noise Test Demo is a useful demo mode of the Ace Plugin software to ensure that the Evaluation board is communicating correctly with the Ace Plugin software.

Hardware Guide

Software Guide

Visit the software guide chapter here
Contents of the Hardware guide:

      1. 2 Wire RTD Demo
      2. 3 Wire RTD Demo
      3. 4 Wire RTD Demo
      4. Thermocouple Demo
      5. 4 Wire Bridge Demo
      6. Thermistor
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