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Linux Software


When using this card on the PicoZed SDR SOM Development Kit, a slightly different device tree must be used (zynq-picozed-sdr2-fmc-rfcard-tdd). Please see here for further details: Preparing the Image

Function File
FMCOMMS2/3 Device Tree zynq-picozed-sdr2-fmc-rfcard-tdd.dts
ZYNQ ADRV9361 z7035 FMC RFCARD TDD Device Tree zynq-adrv9361-z7035-fmc-rfcard-tdd

This device tree includes the devicetree for the PicoZed SDR SOM Development Kit but configures the AD9361:

  1. For TDD mode.
  2. Sets TX LO frequency to RX LO frequency.
  3. Enables AD9361 GPO2 and GPO3 to slave the ENSM RX & TX states.
  4. Enables AD9361 GPO0 and GPO1 to control the external LNAs for RX1 & RX2.
  5. Configures LNA gain and bypass loss.
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