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Configuration Options for AD-PZSDR2400TDD-EB boards

Several GPO and GPIO pins are brought to the RF card through connector J2, found on the bottom of the PCB. These pins allow configuration of the PA, LNA and SPDT switch found on the PCB. These devices are summarized in a table below.

Design Cross Section

Control Name Location Device Controlled Value Action
RF_GPIO0 P2 - 31 PA Channel #1 (HMC921) 0/1 Disabled/Enabled
RF_GPIO1 P2 - 33 PA Channel #2 (HMC921) 0/1 Disabled/Enabled
AD9361_GPO0 P2 - 09 LNA Channel #1 (HMC669) 0/1 Bypassed/Enabled
AD9361_GPO1 P2 - 11 LNA Channel #2 (HMC669) 0/1 Bypassed/Enabled
AD9361_GPO3 P2 - 15 SPDT Switch (HMC546LP2) 0/1 RFC to TX/RFC to RX

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