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Create a full GMSL Camera System with off the shelf parts.


The AD-GMSLCAMRPI-ADP# enables connecting GMSL serializer and deserialier Evaluation Kits (EVK) to a wide range of cameras and processing platforms supporting industry standard ribbon cable connectors. The adapter consists of three sections that can be broken apart from each other, with the following functionalities:

  • A Ribbon Cable Adapter having two pairs of 15-pin and 22-pin connectors routed to each other. The 15-pin connectors support 2 MIPI lanes, while the 22-pin connectors support 4 MIPI lanes.
  • A GMSL Serializer EVK Adapter with two 22-pin ribbon cable connectors, for connecting cameras to the GMSL serializers. A USB Type-A connector is available to supply 5V @ 4A to another system
  • A GMSL Deserializer EVK Adapter with two 22-pin ribbon cable connectors, for connecting to Raspberry Pi, Nividia or Xilinx development platforms, or any other processing platform supporting the 15-pin or 22-pin ribbon cable connectors

Block diagram


Ribbon cable adapter
Connectors 2 x 15-pin (2 x MIPI lanes, P/N: 1-84953-5)
2 x 22-pin (P/N: 687122149022)
Power Routing 3.3V external power between pairs of 15-pin and 22-pin connectors
GMSL Serializer EVK Adapter
Connectors 1 x GMSL Serializer EV kit (P/N: QSH-030-01-L-D-A)
2 x 22-pin (4 x MIPI lanes, P/N: 687122149022)
Power Input: 12V from GMSL Serializer EV kit
Output: 3.3V @ 0.5A on the 22-pin connectors
GMSL Deserializer EVK Adapter
Connectors 1 x GMSL Deserializer EV kit (P/N: QTH-030-01-L-D-A)
2 x 22-pin (4 x MIPI lanes, P/N: 687122149022)
Power Input: 12V from GMSL Deserializer EV kit
Output: 5V @ 4A on the USB Type A connector to power external devices

Hardware design files

Camera Connections

Connect RPi 15-pin cameras to GMSL Serializer EVKIT's with the 15-22 pin adapter.

Or use a 15-pin to 22-Pin Adapter Cable

SoC Connections

The same configuration is used for the SoC side where the 22-pin adapter can be directly connect to a Jetson Orin Development kit or use the 22-15 pin adapter to connect to an Raspberry Pi.

-OR -

Example Configurations

The adapter can be used to connect the GMSL Deserializer EV kits to a number of processing platforms for GMSL evaluation and application development. The user guides below provide instructions on how to get the systems up and running by configuring the hardware and running the associated software.

Software development

The GMSL Linux kernel drivers, the complete Linux distributions for the supported processing platforms, and software user guides can be found on the Analog Devices GMSL github repository.


For questions and more information please contact us on the Analog Devices Engineer Zone.

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