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 {{:resources:eval:user-guides:ad-gmslcamrpi-adp:serializer_resistors.jpg?300|}} {{:resources:eval:user-guides:ad-gmslcamrpi-adp:serializer_resistors.jpg?300|}}
-Interposers switch configurations are required.  +**AD-GMSLCAMRPI-ADPAdapter** 
-According to the pictures presented in the [[|user guide]] configure the serializer interposer for **CAM1** and the deserializer interposer for **CAM2**+ 
 +  * Configure the switches on the GMSL Serializer adapter for **CAN1** and the switches on the GMSL Deserializer adapter for **CAM2**
 +| **Serializer adapter** | **Deserializer adapter** | 
 +| {{:resources:eval:user-guides:ser_interposer.jpg?300|}} | {{:resources:eval:user-guides:deser_interposer.jpg?300|}}|
 ----- -----
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