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GMSL HDL Reference Design

A brief introduction of the acronyms that are going to be used:

  • MIPI- Mobile Industry Processor Interface
  • MIPI CSI-2 - MIPI's camera serial interface specification
  • GMSL - Gigabit Multimedia Serial Link
  • VC - Virtual channel


Used devices

Supported FPGA carrier

Reference HDL Design

The design is built upon ADI's generic HDL reference design framework. Thus, this reference design is used to interface the GMSL technology by using the MIPI CSI-2 specification for high-speed data transmission, and I2C standard for control. An in-depth presentation and instructions about the HDL design framework in general, can be found in the ADI Reference Designs HDL User Guide.

Block Design

The architecture of this reference design is composed of multiple Xilinx's multimedia IPs that have the following roles:

  • AMD-Xilinx's MIPI CSI-2 Rx Subsystem IP (receive video data from the GMSL deserializer's PHY using the 2-lane 15-pin connector);
  • AMD-Xilinx's AXIS Switch IP (handle MIPI's virtual-channel option by redirecting each virtual channel to corresponding Video Framebuffer Write instance);
  • AMD-Xilinx's Video Framebuffer Write IP (video-specific DMA engine);

Using the HDL reference design

In order to build the HDL design the user has to go through the following steps:

  1. Confirm that you have the right tools (see Release notes)
  2. Clone the HDL GitHub repository (see
  3. Choose the required interface (see caption Switching between interface types)

As regards the design's IPs, this GMSL-based reference design contains multiple AMD-Xilinx-related multimedia IPs such as MIPI CSI-2 Rx Subsystem, Axi-Stream Switch, Axi-Stream Subset Converter and Video Framebuffer Write, all these ones being available free of charge using standard AMD-Xilinx's Vivado version.

AXI4-LITE control interfaces

Instance Address
mipi_csi2_rx_subsyst_0 0x84A0 0000
axi_iic_mipi 0x84A2 0000
v_frmbuf_wr_0 0x84A4 0000
v_frmbuf_wr_1 0x84A6 0000
v_frmbuf_wr_2 0x84A8 0000
v_frmbuf_wr_3 0x84AA 0000

PL Interrupts

Instance HDL interrupt Linux PsU interrupt
0 89
1 90
2 91
3 92
4 93
5 94
6 95
7 96
v_frmbuf_wr_3/interrupt 8 104
v_frmbuf_wr_2/interrupt 9 105
v_frmbuf_wr_1/interrupt 10 106
v_frmbuf_wr_0/interrupt 11 107
axi_iic_mipi/iic2intc_irpt 12 108
mipi_csi2_rx_subsyst_0/csirxss_csi_irq 13 109
14 110
15 111

GPIO signals

Ps8 EMIO offset = 78

fan_en_b 78 0
csirxss_rstn 79 1
ap_rstn_frmbuf_0 80 2
ap_rstn_frmbuf_1 90 3
ap_rstn_frmbuf_2 91 4
ap_rstn_frmbuf_3 92 5

HDL Project

User Guide


Questions? Feel free to ask your questions in EngineerZone support forums.

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