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The AD-GMSL2ETH-SL is an edge compute platform enabling low latency data transfer from eight Gigabit Multimedia Serial Link™ (GMSL) interfaces on to a 10Gb Ethernet link. The target applications include autonomous robots and vehicles where machine vision and real-time sensor fusion is critical. Some of the main features and benefits include:

  • 8 x GMSL2 camera interfaces with up to 6Gbps/channel
  • 10Gbps SFP+ Ethernet interface
  • Precision Time Protocol for synchronization with host systems and other edge devices
  • Embedded processing capabilities using the on-board AMD Kria K26 System-on-Module Industrial
  • ROS2 compliant
  • Open-source embedded Linux software and FPGA design
  • Embedded GUI for ease of integration
  • Advanced camera triggering functions and control features ​


SFP+ Supports 10Gb Ethernet with IEEE 1588 hardware timestamping
RS232 Serial interface for connecting UART peripherals, e.g. GNSS devices
I/O 16 general purpose I/O pins with software configurable functionality, 3.3V voltage level
GMSL 2 x Quad Fakra connectors supporting 8 x GMSL camera intrfaces
AMD KV26 Industrial grade AMD KV26 SoM
Power & Thermal
Supply Input voltage: 9V-48V DC @ 24W max
Operating temperature -40°C – 60°C
Operating system Linux OS
User interfaces HTML User interface for system configuration and status
Network data protocol RTP over UDP with software implementation and option for licensable FPGA accelerated RTP & UDP stack

System setup & evaluation

Follow the AD-GMSL2ETH-SL System Setup & Evaluation guide to get the system up and running.

Help and Support

For questions and more information please contact us on the Analog Devices Engineer Zone.

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