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 ==== Prepare SD card ==== ==== Prepare SD card ====
-  * Follow steps presented ​on [[https://​​embedded/​learn/​get-started-jetson-nano-devkit#​write|Nvidia Website]] for creating Jetson Nano SD card+  * Download and flash on a SD card the latest image provided from the following link: [[repo>​aditof_sdk#​ad-fxtof1-ebz]]
   * Download L4T BSP [[https://​​embedded/​linux-tegra|L4T BSP]] package (Tested release R32.3.1)   * Download L4T BSP [[https://​​embedded/​linux-tegra|L4T BSP]] package (Tested release R32.3.1)
   * Extract kernel_src from BSP package   * Extract kernel_src from BSP package
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