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AD-FREQCVT1-EBZ Quick Start Guide

The Quick Start Guide provides step by step instructions detailing how to plug in, and set up the AD-FREQCVT1-EBZ board. The ZC706 and AD-FMCOMMS3-EBZ platforms will be used to demonstrate the appropriate board and cable connections.

Connecting to FMCOMMS3/4 and Cable Orienation

The FREQCVT1-EBZ has four SMA connectors (TX_IN, RX_OUT, TX_OUT, RX_IN). 2 male to male SMA connectors are required to connect the FREQCVT1-EBZ board to the FMCOMMS3 platform.

To use the second channel of the FMCOMMS3, line up FREQCVT1 connectors RX_OUT and TX_IN with FMCOMMS3 connectors TX2A and RX2A.

Power is brought to the FREQCVT1 board through a 3 pin cable. The connection is made at P1 (pin1 = 3.3V, pin2 = GND, pin3 = 12V), which sits directly between TX_IN and RX_OUT. The power originates from the FMCOMMS3 board, connector P301. It is very important to properly plug in this cable on both ends, according to the image below.

To use the first channel of the FMCOMMS3, line up FREQCVT1 connectors RX_OUT and TX_IN with FMCOMMS3 connectors RX1A and TX1A. This requires flipping the board upside down.

The ZC706 board provides digital controls to the FREQCVT 1 board through a 12-pin ribbon cable. Be careful to properly plug in both ends of the cable according to the above image.

Cable Connection and Orientation

The FMCOMMS3 board provides power to the FREQCVT1 board. Connector P301 on the FMCOMMS3 board provides 3.3V, GND and 12V to P1, a 3 pin connector on the FREQCVT1 board. The connector on the FREQCVT1 board is keyed. Connector P301 on the FMCOMMS3 board is not populated, and requires a 3 pin male header. The cable must be carefully plugged into P301 to ensure the correct voltage.

A 12 pin connector on the Xilinx ZC706 provides digital controls to connector P2 on the FREQCVT1 board. These implement a SPI protocol, and some general purpose IO's. Reference the image below for correct cable connections.

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