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Available late 2019

The AD-FMCOMMS8-EBZ is an integrated RF design based on the Analog Devices ADRV9009. It includes:

  • Two ADRV9009 devices, providing (in total):
    • Quad transmitters
    • Quad receivers
    • Quad input Observation Receiver for DPD
    • Max Rx BW: 200 MHz
    • Max Tunable Tx synthesis BW: 450 MHz
    • Max Observation Rx BW: 450MHz
    • Fully integrated fractional-N RF synthesizers
    • Multi-chip phase synchronization for all RF LO and baseband clocks
    • Tuning range: 75 MHz to 6000 MHz
    • FMC HPC Compatible interface
    • Complies with VITA 57.1 mechanical dimensions 84mm x 69mm(not full compliance with keep out areas)

The AD-FMCOMMS8-EBZ can be used as a standalone evaluation board for testing and developing applications for dual ADRV9009 transceivers with a compatible FPGA development board. Additionally it can be used with the ADRV9009-ZU11EG RF-SOM system to give an additional 4 Transmit and Receive channels, allowing for full system frequency and phase synchronization, enabling a complete solution for complex multi-stream applications ensuring end-to-end deterministic latency. The ADRV9009 Transceivers include integrated LO and phase synchronization. Overall system frequency & phase synchronization is maintained with a clock tree structure using ADI high performance low jitter HMC7044 devices, making it ideal for applications requiring RF phase alignment with a large number of channels.

  • Platform development environment support includes Industry standard Linux Industrial I/O (IIO) Applications, MATLAB®, Simulink®, and GNU Radio, and streaming interfaces for custom C, C++, python, and C# applications
  • HDL reference designs and drivers to allow zero day development


AD-FMCOMMS8-EBZ(Available late in 2019)

Getting Started

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