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Tips & Tricks

Customizing the device tree on the target

The device tree is a data structure for describing hardware. Rather than hard coding every detail of a device into an operating system, many aspect of the hardware can be described in a data structure that is passed to the operating system at boot time.

For your convenience – all device tree files (dtb) for our designs are included in the SD Card boot partition. Sometimes it's desired to change certain device tree properties permanently.

For example a custom board has a different reference clock.

  1. Mount the FAT32 Boot partition by clicking on the 537MB Volume Icon on the desktop
  2. Open a shell by clicking ion the Terminal Icon on the desktop (or CTRL+ALT+t)
  3. Now convert the devictree.dtb into a dts file
  4. Edit the file (mousepad or vi)
  5. Convert the devictree.dts back into its binary format.
  6. Unmount the file system (right click)

This specifies any shell prompt running on the target

analog@analog:~$ cd /media/analog/BOOT/
analog@analog:/media/analog/BOOT$ dtc -I dtb devicetree.dtb -O dts -o devicetree.dts
analog@analog:/media/analog/BOOT$ mousepad devicetree.dts &
analog@analog:/media/analog/BOOT$ dtc -I dts devicetree.dts -O dtb -o devicetree.dtb

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