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Prerequisites for AD9361/AD9364 based boards

What you need, depends on what you are trying to do. As a minimum, you need to start out with:

  1. The AD9361/AD9364 based card. To determine which card is best for you, check out the introduction section.
  2. A carrier platform. ADI does not offer these boards for sale or loan, getting one yourself is normal part of development or evaluation of the AD9361/AD9364. Our recommended carriers (the ones we use all the time) are either:
    • The ZedBoard. This is a low cost board, which can be used for basic HDL designs, or just for looking at the AD9361/AD9364. Most of our software and RF developers have this board.
    • The Xilinx ZC706. The fabric on this device is much larger, and if you are looking at targeting - this is the recommended option.
    • The Arrow SoCKit. This is a low cost board, which can be used for basic HDL designs, or just for looking at the AD9361.
    • There are a few more boards, which do work, and are supported, but they are just not tested as often (most of the full time developers who work with the AD9361/AD9364 based boards use the Zed or the ZC706). The experience of the fabric only solutions is very close to the ARM/FPGA SoC based solutions, but the GUI runs on a host PC (Windows or Linux).
    • Supported Carriers

      The AD-FMCOMMS2/3/4/5-EBZ is, by definition a “FPGA mezzanine card” (FMC), that means it needs a carrier to plug into. The carriers we support are:

      Board FMCOMMS5 FMCOMMS2/3/4 Arradio
      Zed Board
      31 Jul 2013 20:39 · rejeesh kutty
  3. some way to interact with the platform,
    1. for the ARM/FPGA SoC platforms, this normally includes:
      • HDMI monitor (1080p is best) or VGA Monitor
      • USB Keyboard
      • USB Mouse
    2. for the FPGA only solutions, this includes:
      • LAN cable (Ethernet)
      • Host PC (Windows or Linux)
  4. Internet connection (without proxies makes things much easier) to update the scripts/binaries on the SD Card that came with the ADI FMC Card. (Firewalls are OK, proxies make things a pain).
  5. RF Test equipment
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