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Motor Control Hardware

Hardware solutions

AD-FMCMOTCON2-EBZ - Controller board

  • Compatible with all Xilinx FPGA platforms with FMC LPC or HPC connectors
  • Digital board for interfacing with the low and high voltage drive boards
  • FMC signals voltage adaptation interface for seamless operation on all FMC voltage levels
  • Fully isolated digital control and feedback signals
    • 2 isolated GPOs
    • 2 isolated GPIs
    • 18 isolated drive signals – can drive 2 bridges with 4 legs simultaneously
    • 6 high speed ADC digital interfaces (data + clock)
  • Isolated Xilinx XADC interface
  • 2 x Gbit Ethernet PHYs for high speed industrial communication - RGMII mode
  • Single ended Hall + Differential Hall + Encoder + Resolver interfaces
    • 2 x single ended HALL, 2 x differential HALL, 2 x encoder interfaces – this allows 2 motors to be driven simultaneously
  • Digital sensors interfaces
    • EnDat
    • BISS Interface

AD-DRVLV2-EBZ - Low voltage drive board

  • Connects to the Controller board and has a power stage that can drive motors up to 48V and 20A.
  • Drives 2 motors simultaneously
  • High frequency drive stage implemented with ADI isolated gate drivers
  • Supported motor types
    • BLDC
    • PMSM
    • Brushed DC
    • Stepper (bipolar / unipolar)
  • Integrated over current protection
  • Reverse voltage protection
  • Current and Voltage measurement using isolated ADCs
    • Current measurement on 2 phases for 2 motors
    • DC Link Voltage measurement
  • BEMF zero cross detection for sensorless control of PMSM or BLDC motors
  • Separate voltage supplies for the 2 motors so that the motors don’t influence each other

AD-DYNO2-EBZ - Dynamometer Drive System

  • Two BLDC motors connected in a dyno setup
  • Electronically adjustable load – the load value is set using the onboard buttons + LCD
  • Programmable step and ramp load changes
  • Measurement and display of load motor phase currents
  • Measurement and display of load motor speed
  • External control and monitoring interface




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