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Low Voltage Drive Board


  • Connects to the Controller board and has a power stage that can drive motors up to 48V and 20A.
  • Drives 2 motors simultaneously
  • High frequency drive stage implemented with ADI isolated gate drivers
  • Supported motor types
    • BLDC
    • PMSM
    • Brushed DC
    • Stepper (bipolar / unipolar)
  • Integrated over current protection
  • Reverse voltage protection
  • Current and Voltage measurement using isolated ADCs
    • Current measurement on 2 phases for 2 motors
    • DC Link Voltage measurement
  • BEMF zero cross detection for sensorless control of PMSM or BLDC motors
  • Separate voltage supplies for the 2 motors so that the motors don’t influence each other

Block Diagram

Picture and Main Components


Key Parts

AD7403 16 bit isolated 2nd order Sigma-Delta modulator
AD8207 Zero drift, high voltage, bidirectional difference amplifier
CMP04 Quad low power, precision comparator
ADuM5000 isoPower® integrated isolated dc-to-dc converter
ADP1621 Constant-frequency, current-mode step-up dc/dc controller
ADP2301 1.2 A, 20 V, 1.4 MHz non-synchronous step-down switching regulator
MOSFET Drivers
ADuM5230 Isolated half-bridge driver with integrated high-side supply
ADuM7223 Isolated precision half-bridge driver, 4.0A output



Emergency Stop switch

  • S2 is a latching emergency stop switch.
  • If triggered the supply for the power stage is turned off.

Reset switch

  • S1 is a reset switch for the emergency stop latch.
  • By pressing S1 when S2 is not pressed the power stage is turned on.



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