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AD-FMCMOTCON2-EBZ Controller Board

Features and Block Diagram

  • Compatible with all Xilinx FPGA platforms with FMC LPC or HPC connectors
  • 2 x Gbit Ethernet PHYs for high speed industrial communication
  • Hall + Differential Hall + Encoder + Resolver interfaces
  • Current and voltage measurement using isolated ADCs
  • Xilinx XADC interface
  • Fully isolated control and feedback signals
Simplified Block Diagram Detailed Block Diagram

Simplified Block Diagram Detailed Block Diagram

Picture and Main Components


Key Parts

AD7401A 5 kV rms, isolated 2nd order Sigma-Delta modulator
ADA4084-2 30 V, Low noise, rail-to-rail I/O, low power operational amplifier
AD8646 24 MHz rail-to-rail dual op amp
AD2S1210 Variable resolution, 10-bit to 16-bit R/D converter with reference oscillator
ADuM5000 isoPower® integrated isolated dc-to-dc converter
ADP1614 1000 mA, 2.5 MHz buck-boost dc-to-dc converter
ADM660 CMOS switched-capacitor voltage converter
ADuM7640 Triple channel digital isolator
Voltage Translation
ADG3308 8-channel bidirectional level translator
ADG704 CMOS, low voltage 2.5 Ω 4-channel multiplexer
ADG759 CMOS low voltage, 3 ohms 4-channel multiplexer
High Speed Communication
88E1512 Marvell Integrated 10/100/1000 Mbps Energy Efficient Ethernet Transceiver

Jumper settings


Sensor Selection
Back EMF P9 - position 0 P20 - position 0
Single ended Hall P9 - position 1 P20 - position 0
Differential Hall P9 - position 0 P20 - position 1
Reserved P9 - position 1 P20 - position 1
Resolver Configuration Mode
Normal Mode - Position input P3 - Not inserted P5 - Not inserted
Normal Mode - Velocity input P3 - Not inserted P5 - Inserted
Reserved P3 - Inserted P5 - Not inserted
Configuration Mode P3 - Inserted P5 - Inserted
Resolver Resolution Settings
10 Bits P4 - Not inserted P6 - Not inserted
12 Bits P4 - Not inserted P6 - Inserted
14 Bits P4 - Inserted P6 - Not inserted
16 Bits P4 - Inserted P6 - Inserted
PHYs Configuration
2.5V VDDO, different PHY addresses P11 & P12 - Position 0 P9 - Inserted


LED Description
DS1 FMC 3.3V Power Good
DS2 Vadj Power Good
DS3 5V Power Good
DS7 12V Power Good

Power Map

ADC FPGA Interface

The AD7401 Isolated Sigma-Delta Modulators present on the controller board have a 2 wires signal interface with the FPGA:

  • 10 / 20 MHz clock input
  • 1 bit digital data stream output

The reconstruction of the data provided by the AD7401 modulator can be done using a SINC3 filter. A filter model and HDL implementation are provided in the AD7401 datasheet. Typical filter output characteristics:

  • Output code: 16 bit
  • Sampling rate: 78kHz

The output code resolution and sampling rate can be controlled by changing the filter’s model and decimation. Polyphase interpolation filters are utilized to increase the sampling rate of the system.

Position & Speed Sensors FPGA Interface

Single digital interface for multiple position sensors

  • Single Ended HALL
  • Differential HALL
  • BEMF
  • Encoder

3 digital signals between HW and the FPGA

  • HALL A / BEMF A / Encoder Channel A
  • HALL B / BEMF B / Encoder Channel B
  • HALL C / BEMF C / Encoder Index

Sensor selection is done with jumpers on the controller board. The hardware conditions the analog signals and sends clean digital signals to the FPGA.



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