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ADI IIO oscilloscope is used for monitoring and controlling the AD-FMCMOTCON1-EBZ board, when using Linux operating system.

There are two main tabs that are to be used: Capture and Motor Control.


The Capture tab is used for monitoring the system.

Current monitoring

On the AD-FMCMOTCON1-EBZ system, there are two sets of ADCs for monitoring the current to the motor:

The first AD7401A based measuring system is part of the controller board. The signal is pre amplified on the Low Voltage Drive board. The amplification factor is controlled by the GPO0 and GPO1 pins

  • in_voltage0 corresponds to IA
  • in_voltage1 corresponds to IB
  • in_voltage2 corresponds to IT
  • in_voltage3 corresponds to VBUS

Current measurement using the control board ADCs

The second AD7401A measuring system is part of the Low Voltage Drive board. The signal is not preamplified in this case

  • in_voltage0 corresponds to IA
  • in_voltage1 corresponds to IB
  • in_voltage2 corresponds to IT
  • in_voltage3 is always 0

Current measurement using the drivel board ADCs

Speed monitoring

This IP monitors the speed, and display the number of counts ( in 10ns units) between two motor commutations. In order to display the speed in RPM, the data should be processed by checking the 1/x option and multiply by 25.000.000

Speed measurement

FOC Controller monitoring

This IP allows monitoring of the following signals from the MathWorks FOC IP:

  • voltage_0 - Phase A voltage
  • voltage_1 - Phase B voltage
  • voltage_2 - Phase A current
  • voltage_3 - Phase B current
  • voltage_4 - Rotor mechanical position
  • voltage_5 - Rotor velocity
  • voltage_6 - d current
  • voltage_7 - q current

FOC monitoring


Manual Control

This controller allows the control of the motor in manual mode by directly specifying the fill factor of the PWM signal applied used to control the 3 phase inverter. The motor is driven using a 6 step comutation algorithm.

 Manual Control

Control Description
Run Starts the motor
Delta Selects between driving the motor using a Star-like sequence or Delta sequence
Direction Selects between clockwise and counterclockwise rotation directions
Controller Type Selects between the Manual PWM drive or the MathWorks FOC Controller
PWM In Manual mode, the PWM can be set between 50% - 100%

Matlab Controller

This selects the MathWorks FOC IP. From the IIO Scope the only available is to Start/Stop the motor, while the operation of the IP core is controlled through the script located under /usr/local/bin. The script executes the following steps:

  • Set the FOC controller in open loop mode and wait for the user to start the motor by clicking the Run checkbox in IIO scope
  • Calibrate the encoder readings to remove the offset between the motor's actual electrical position and the position read from the encoder
  • Set the motor's reference speed
  • Start the FOC controller in closed loop mode

Matlab Controller

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