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Support for the ad_fmclidar_ebz is discontinued on all supported carriers: Arria10 SOC, zc706 and zcu102. ad_fmclidar_ebz will not be supported in future releases, last release in which pre-build files can be found is 2021_r1. Check this link to see all available Kuiper Linux releases.


The AD-FMCLIDAR1-EBZ is a prototyping platform for LiDAR applications that can be used on FPGA development boards enabled with FMC HPC connector and JESD204B support capability. It offers developers a working-out-of-box platform that can be used for developing software and algorithms for a broad range of applications.

The full system hardware includes:

  • Data Acquisition(DAQ) Board
  • Laser Transmitter Board
  • AFE Receiver Board

Highlevel specification

Complete system assembled including additional optics and FPGA board

  • 1D Non-Scanning LiDAR
  • Horizontal resolution 16 pixels
  • Data sampling upto 1GSPS on 4 separate Channels
  • Design is verified to comply with Class I Laser Safety
  • Standardised FMC connector plugs into FPGA board of choice
  • Out of box demo for target range measurement
  • Complete open source software framework
  • Licensable JESD204B interface framework for deterministic data delivery to host
  • Wrappers for Matlab, Python
  • LiDAR specific API for system control & data acquisition
  • Platform development environment support includes Industry standard Linux Industrial I/O (IIO) Applications, MATLAB®, Simulink®, custom C/C+, Python, and C# applications
  • HDL reference designs and drivers to allow zero day development
  • Laser optics are not provided with the system but ADI has a proven demo detecting an object upto 60m range at approx. 1m x 1m. Optional optics to achieve this are provided below in the Example section.

DAQ Board

  • High speed data acquisition board containing the AD9094 quad channel ADC and clocking control for the full system. The FMC compliant connector interface means that this board can be connected to the users preferred FPGA development board. The Laser board and AFE board connect directly to this board.

Laser Board

  • The laser board is mated to the AFE board for mechanical mounting on an optional tripod stand. It is then connected electrically to the DAQ board using the cable provided.
  • It contains 4 individual lasers with appropriate precision driver and power components for accurate firing of the lasers.
  • To alter the laser Field-of-View custom Fast Axis Collimator optics are available from specialist optics suppliers.

AFE Board

  • The AFE board contains a 16 channel APD from First Sensor and four ADI LTC6561 Quad channel TIA's with necessary power and timing signal chains. Custom optics can be fitted to the board using industry standard mounting adapters based on individual use cases.

For more information and how to buy the system please goto the Analog Devices AD-FMCLIDAR1-EBZ Product page

System setup & evaluation

The development kit is delivered with an SD card containing the evaluation software for the supported FPGA carrier boards and a set of accessories required to put the system together and get it up and running in no time.

Box contents

This is what you'll find in the development kit box:

The tripod shown in the system picture from the Introduction section is not included but the specs can be found here.

Application Development

SDK Architecture

The Lidar Prototyping Platform software framework is common across all hardware variants, developed with industry standard tools and interfaces. The necessary parameters are exposed for customers to develop their own proprietary solutions. Support is provided to cover a broad base of operating systems used across different industry areas. There is a proven ADI JESD framework available to reduce development complexity and time, and guarantees deterministic transfer of data from the APD to the host processing system.

Laser Safety

This device complies with International Standards IEC 60825-1:2014 & 2007 for a Class 1 laser product. This device also complies with 21 CFR 1040.10 and 1040.11 except for deviations pursuant to Laser Notice No. 50, dated June 24, 2007. Only use Software and Firmware updates that are specifically provided for this solution.

Laser Certification Report

Additional values tested


As an example to prove out the overall system functionality a demo using select optics was chosen to have the capability to detect an object of approximately 1m x 1m in size at 60m range with 50% reflective characteristic.

  • For the AFE Board a 1“(25.4mm) diameter lens, option from Thorlabs LA1951-B-N-BK7, was chosen (included in the box)
  • For the laser board a custom Fast Axis Collimator optic was selected to narrow the vertical FoV from 30°(natural dispersion of the laser) down to 1° to help achieve the 60m range. Mounting of these lenses requires a custom lens holder and also active lens alignment fitting during the manufacturing process. This was done at FISBA, a worldwide leading supplier of customized optical components, systems and microsystems with locations across Europe and in the US.
  • The lasers were driven at 50KHz with a pulse width of 20ns

Videos & Articles


Open-Source LIDAR Prototyping Platform

Help and Support

For questions and more information please contact us on the Analog Devices Engineer Zone.

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