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 {{:​resources:​eval:​user-guides:​ad-fmcdaq3-ebz:​software:​linux:​ad-fmcdaq3-ebz_zc706.png?​600|}} {{:​resources:​eval:​user-guides:​ad-fmcdaq3-ebz:​software:​linux:​ad-fmcdaq3-ebz_zc706.png?​600|}}
 +<WRAP important round>​The ZC706 is build around a XC7Z045 FFG900 – 2 FPGA, which means the design will be overclocked when configured for 1233MSPS. In a production design a XC7Z045 FFG900 –3 FPGA should be used or the lane rate should be within the supported range for the specific FPGA.
 ===== Requirements ===== ===== Requirements =====
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