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The AD-FMCDAQ3-EBZ module is comprised of the AD9680 dual, 14-bit, 1.25 GSPS, JESD204B ADC, the AD9152 dual, 16-bit, 2.5 GSPS, JESD204B DAC, the AD9528 clock, and power management components. It is clocked by an internally generated carrier platform via the FMC connector, comprising a completely self contained data acquisition and signal synthesis prototyping platform. In an FMC footprint (84 mm × 69 mm), the module’s combination of wideband data conversion, clocking, and power closely approximates real-world hardware and software for system prototyping and design, with no compromise in signal chain performance. For additional information or to purchase the AD-FMCDAQ3-EBZ, please visit:


  • Includes schematics, layout, BOM, Gerber files, HDL, Linux® drivers, IIO Oscilloscope, VisualANALOG,…
  • FMC-compatible form factor
  • Powered from single FMC connector
  • Provides two channels of ADC and two channels of DAC with full synchronization capabilities

AD9680-1250 ADC

  • JESD204B (subclass 1) 4-lane coded serial digital outputs
  • SFDR: 80 dBc at 1.0 GHz AIN, 1.0 GSPS
  • Noise density: –154 dBFS/Hz @ 1.0 GSPS
  • 2 GHz of usable analog input full power bandwidth
  • Two integrated DDCs per channel

AD9152 DAC

  • JESD204B (subclass 1) coded serial digital outputs
  • Supports complex signal bandwidths up to 800 MHz
  • 6-carrier GSM IMD = 75 dBc at 75 MHz IF
  • SFDR = 85 dBc (BW = 300 MHz) at DC IF
  • Selectable 2×, 4×, 8× interpolation filters


  • Electronic test and measurement equipment
  • General-purpose software radios
  • Radar systems
  • Ultra wideband satellite receivers
  • Signals intelligence (SIGINT)
  • Point to point communication systems
  • DOCSIS 3.0 CMTS and HFC networks
  • Multiple input/multiple output (MIMO) radios
  • Automated test equipment

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