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The AD-FMCADC7-EBZ is a high speed single channel data acquisition board featuring the AD9625 a single channel differential Analog-to-Digital converter at 2.5 GHz and an ADL5567 dual channel differential 4.8 GHz amplifier. This is an FMC compatible board. The clocking can be done four different ways including external variations and on-board variations with Crystek oscillators and an ADF4355-2.

ADI also provides reference designs (HDL and software) for this board to work with commonly available Altera and Xilinx development boards.


The AD-FMCADC7-EBZ board's primary purpose is to demonstrate the capabilities of the devices on board quickly and easily by providing a seamless interface to an FMC carrier platform and running the reference design on the carrier FPGA. The board is designed to self power and self clock when connected to the FMC carrier. The analog signals ( AIN+ and AIN-) are connected to J202 and J201. This rapid prototyping board is default set up with to utilize port J202.


The FMC board includes the following products by Analog Devices:

  • ADR280ARTZ 1.2 V Ultralow Power High PSRR Voltage Reference
  • AD9625BBPZ-2.5 12-Bit, 2.5 GSPS, 1.3 V/2.5 V Analog-to-Digital Converter
  • ADL5567ACPZ 4.8 GHz Ultrahigh Dynamic Range, Dual Differential Amplifier
  • ADF4355-2BCPZ Microwave Wideband Synthesizer with Integrated VCO
  • AD7291BCPZ 8-Channel, I2C, 12-Bit SAR ADC with Temperature Sensor
  • ADP1753ACPZ 0.8 A, Low VIN, Low Dropout Linear Regulator
  • ADP7104ARDZ-R7 20 V, 500 mA, Low Noise, CMOS LDO
  • ADP1741ACPZ 2 A, Low VIN, Low Dropout Linear Regulator
  • ADP2119ACPZ 2 A/1.25 A, 1.2 MHz, Synchronous, Step-Down DC-to-DC Regulator
  • ADP2442ACPZ 36 V,1 A, Synchronous, Step-Down, DC-to-DC Regulator with
    • External Clock Synchronization

                                                 Top View

                                                 Bottom View


The AD-FMCADC7-EBZ includes various clocking options:

  1. 2.5GHz Crystek on-board oscillator to a differential balun
  2. An external reference supplied at J401
  3. 122.88MHz Crystek on-board oscillator differential or single ended to the ADF4355-2
  4. An external reference supplied to J301 that would be provided to the ADF4355-2

Analog Front End

The AD-FMCADC4-EBZ uses a passive front end designed for very wide bandwidth. A single ended input needs to be provided to the analog inputs mentioned earlier. A 1:2 impedance ratio broadband balun then converts the input signal differentially to the ADA4961 inputs and has a 1.6GHz bandwidth at -3dB. Each channel amplifier can be adjusted independently in terms of gain.

Revision B

The revision B board is default set for the amplifier to be at max gain with dc coupling. Hardware changes are required to change either the gain or dc coupling to ac coupling.

Downloads (Hardware)

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