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AD-FMCADC7-EBZ Quick Start Guides

The Quick Start Guides provide simple step by step instructions on how to do an initial system setup for the AD-FMCADC7-EBZ boards on supported carriers.

Supported Carriers

ZC706 v

Hardware Setup

In most carriers, the AD-FMCADC7-EBZ board connects to the HPC connector (unless otherwise noted). The carrier setup requires power, UART (115200), ethernet (Linux), HDMI (if available) and/or JTAG (no-OS) connections. The Zynq carriers program the FPGA and boots Linux from the SD card. The fabric only carriers use XMD to program the FPGA and download the Linux image. Please follow the specific switch settings for Linux or JTAG (no-OS) mode of your carrier of choice.

Linux Quick Start Guide

All you need to do is build SD card or download the SD card image of the latest releases. The instructions are here.

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