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AD-APARD32690-SL System User Guide

Required Hardware

Development kits

Power supplies

  • 5V to 28V at 2A external power supply or 5V USB-C power supply


  • MAX32625PICO or any other similar programmer supporting the SWD interface

AD-APARD32690-SL Board Description

DS1 Power good
DS2 User LED
Buttons & Switches
S1 MAX32690 Reset
S2 User Button
S3 User switches
S4 1: ADIN1110 SWPD_EN
2: ADIN1110 SPI_CFG0
3: ADIN1110 SPI_CFG1
Jumper settings
P50 Position 1-2: Connect programmer SWD_RX to WiFi UART TX
Position 2-3: Connect programmer SWD_RX to MAX32690
P55 Position 1-2: Connect programmer SWD_TX to WiFi UART RX
Position 2-3: Connect programmer SWD_RX to MAX32690
P38 Connect WiFi UART TX to MAX32690
P56 Connect WiFi UART RX to MAX32690
P51 Position 1-2: Set programmer voltage to 3V3 (normal operation mode)
Position 2-3: Set programmer voltage to 1V8 (WiFi chip programming)
P10 USB-C Power & Data
P14 External Power 5V-28V
P9 SWD Programmer
P16 SPOE Shield PI+
P17 SPOE Shield PI-
P53 SPOE Shield PI+
P54 SPOE Shield PI-
P12 SPOE Shield Data TRX N
P15 SPOE Shield Data TRX P
P2 Arduino Connector - Power
P3 Arduino Connector - Analog
P4 Arduino Connector - SPI / I2S
P5 Arduino Connector - SPI & I2C
P6 Arduino Connector - UART
P7 Arduino Connector - GPIO & CAN

System Setup

  • Connect the AD-APARD32690-SL to the AD-T1LUSB2.0-EBZ using the single pair Ethernet cable.
  • Connect the AD-T1LUSB2.0-EBZ to your PC using an USB cable.
  • Connect the MAX32625PICO programmer, or any programmer supporting the SWD interface, to the AD-APARD32690-SL.
  • Connect the power supply to the AD-APARD32690-SL.

Updating the AD-APARD32690-SL firmware

Setting up the MAX32625PICO

To update the board's firmware, a new bootloader has to be flashed on the MAX32625PICO.

  • Download the firmware image: MAX32625PICO firmware
  • Set the MAX32625PICO in MAINTENANCE mode:
    • Disconnect the MAX32625PICO from the PC and the AD-SWIOT1L-SL board.
    • Plug the micro USB cable only in the MAX32625PICO.
    • Keep the button on the MAX32625PICO pressed.
    • Plug the micro USB cable into the PC.
    • Once you see the MAINTENANCE drive being mounted, you may release the button.

  • Drag and drop (to the MAINTENANCE drive) the firmware image you previously downloaded.
  • After a few seconds, the MAINTENANCE drive will disappear and will be replaced by a drive named DAPLINK. Once this is done, the process is complete, and the MAX32625PICO may be used to flash the firmware of the AD-SWIOT1L-SL board.

Programming the AD-APARD32690-SL

  • Connect the MAX32625PICO to the PC using the micro USB cable.
  • Connect the MAX32625PICO to the AD-APARD32690-SL board using the 10-pin ribbon cable.
  • Connect the power supply to the AD-APARD32690-SL. Make sure the board is powered up for the next steps.
  • A DAPLINK drive should appear as mounted on your PC.
  • Drag and drop the new firmware image into the DAPLINK drive. After a few seconds, the drive will be remounted.
  • Check the DAPLINK directory and make sure there is no FAIL.TXT file. In case there is, repeat the drag and drop step. Otherwise, you may disconnect the MAX32625PICO from the AD-APARD32690-SL, since the firmware update is complete.

AD-APARD32690-SL Software Stack

The system is accompanied by an open-source software stack and associated collateral, enabling a complete experience from evaluation and prototyping all the way to production firmware and applications development.

The AD-APARD32690-SL firmware is based on Analog Devices’ open-source no-OS framework, which includes all the tools required for embedded code development and debugging as well as libraries enabling host-side connectivity for system configuration and data transfer over the UART or the 10BASE-T1L interfaces. The firmware source code and related documentation can be found on the Analog Devices GitHub at the link above.

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