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Nvidia Xavier NX User Guide

Setting up the system

Required hardware

  • 9V to 19V power supply for Jetson.
  • To run the system in standalone mode, besides the accessories that are provided in the AD-96TOF1-EBZ box you'll need an additional HDMI cable to connect to a monitor and a USB keyboard and mouse
  • Camera flex cable for connection between Xavier NX and AD-96TOF1-EBZ

Modifying the AD-96TOF1-EBZ to work with the Nvidia Xavier NX

All changes required for RPi are applicable to Nvidia Xavier NX. So please follow the instructions presented here: Raspberry Pi User Guide

Prepare SD card

  • Download and flash on a SD card the latest image provided from the following link: aditof_sdk#ad-96tof1-ebz
  • Download L4T BSP L4T BSP package (Tested release R32.3.1)
  • Extract kernel_src from BSP package
  • ADI ToF camera driver and devicetree should be taken from aditof_sdk.
  • Copy paste and replace content of kernel_src folder from L4T BSP with the one downloaded from ADI ToF Repository
  • Build Kernel and devicetree blob following instructions from Building_the_Kernel_from_Source selecting “CONFIG_VIDEO_ADDI9036” and “CONFIG_EEPROM_AT24” using menuconfig
  • Copy generated kernel Image and devicetree to SD card

Power on sequence

  • Plug the SD card into the Nvidia Xavier NX SD card slot
  • Connect the HDMI cable from the monitor to the Jetson HDMI connector
  • Connect the camera cable between the J1 connector of Jetson Xavier NX and the P1 connector of the ToF board
  • Connect a USB mouse and keyboard to the Xavier NX
  • connect the 5V power supply to the camera board and set the camera power switch S2 to on. Once the camera board is powered up the DS1 LED will turn on
  • connect the 9V-19V power supply to the Xavier NX. Once power is connected to the Jetson the system will boot the Linux OS from the SD card.
Password for “analog” user is “analog”. This user has sudo rights

 Jetson Xavier nx connections rev. C

Power off sequence

  • Open a terminal and type sudo poweroff. This will safely power off and ensure that the SD card is properly unmounted
  • remove the 5V supply from the Nvidia Jetson
  • Set the camera board power switch to off


  • Linux does not boot
    • The SD card is corrupted and this prevents the system from booting. Reflash the SD card or check generated devicetree or kernel image

Running the evaluation application

This example demonstrates how to capture data from the TOF system on the Nvidia Xavier NX and display it using OpenCV.

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