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When starting the application, a terminal window will open to display status messages (also warning and error messages, in case there are any issues). Shorty the main window will show up.

The evaluation application allows to do live streaming of depth and IR data as well as recording the depth and IR data and playing back from a file. The depth data is displayed as a color map ranging from warm to cold colors as the distance from the camera increases. A point in the middle of the depth image shows the distance in mm to the target.

There are 3 operating modes that determine the range of the system:

  • Near - 25cm to 80cm
  • Medium - 30cm to 4.5m (Rev.B: 80cm to 3m)
  • Far - 300cm to 600cm

When in a certain operating mode the system will measure distances outside of the mode's range but those will not be accurate.

The system is factory calibrated to achieve high accuracy in all the operating modes for indoor environments. It is possible to recalibrate the system for your specific operating conditions by using the calibration procedure and tools provided here.

The evaluation application also displays the temperature in deg C of the camera (AFE) and laser boards as read from the temperature sensors installed on each board.

The framerate at which data is acquired from the system is constantly updated on the GUI. The camera board outputs data at 30 frames per second (fps), but due to USB connection limitations, the host PC acquires the frames at a lower rate.


  • The demo application hangs after closing the main window
    • Due to some limitations the application always hangs if it is closed using the regular X button from the window top bar (title bar). To avoid this unpleasant hang, we've made available a second X button in the top right corner right above the title bar that can be used to safely close the demo application. We hope this to be a temporary workaround.
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