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-~~UNDERCONSTRUCTION~~+===== SDP-S Peripherals Explained =====  
 +The SDP-S’s peripherals are a subset of the SDP-B's peripherals. This document aims to outline these peripherals and their implementation on the SDP board.  
 +The TWI / I<sup>2</sup>C bus is fully compatible with the widely used I<sup>2</sup>C bus standard as defined by Philips I<sup>2</sup>C Bus Specification version 2.1. \\ 
 +Pull up Resistors are required on both the SDA and SCL lines, so the lines will idle high at all times. 
 +\\ Data Rates :up to 100K bits/second (Standard Mode)and up to 400K bits/second (Fast Mode)data rates 
 +For more details on TWI/I<sup>2</sup>C, click [[resources/eval/sdp/sdp-s/peripherals/twi|here]]!  
 +==== SPI: Serial Port Interface ==== 
 +The SPI interface on the SDP-S is a full duplex, synchronous serial interface. The SDP-S is the Master for all SPI transfers. When an SPI transfer occurs, data is simultaneously transmitted as new data is received. The SPI_CLK signal synchronises the shifting of data out and the sampling of data in on the two serial data pins (MOSI and MISO). 
 +For more details on SPI, click [[resources/eval/sdp/sdp-s/peripherals/spi|here]]!  
-===== Peripherals Explained ===== 
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