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The SDP-H1 is used as part of the evaluation system for many ADI components. the SDP-H1 board is designed to be used in conjunction with various ADI component evaluation boards as part of a customer evaluation environement.The SDP provides USB connectivity through a USB 2.0 high speed connection to the computer allowing users to evaluate components on this platform from a PC application. The SDP-H1 has a Xilinx(R) Spartan®-6 FPGA and a ADSP-BF527 Blackfin processor. It has an Low Pin Count (LPC) FMC connector and a 120 pin connector identical to that found on the SDP-B and SDP-S.

Getting Started - provides software and hardware installation procedure, PC system requirements and basic board information.

Hardware Description - provides information on the EVAL-SDP-CH1Z components

Schematics - provides schematics and other hardware documents

Product Overview

This board features :

  • Xilinx Spartan(R)-6 FPGA
  • DDR2
    • Micron MT47H32M16Hr-25E:G -8Mb x 16 bits x 4 Banks(512 Mb/64Mb)
  • SRAM
    • ISSI IS61WV25616BLL-10BLI – 256Kb x 16 bits (4 Mb/512 Kb)
  • 1 x 160 pin FMC-LPC Connector (See VITA 57 Specification)
    • Samtec ASP-134603-01
    • Up to 1,080 Mb/s LVDS
    • Single Ended LVCMOS
    • Power
  • Analog Devices ADSP-BF527 Blackfin processor
    • Core performance up to 600 MHz
    • 208 -ball CSP-BGA package
    • 24 MHz CLKIN oscillator
  • 32Mb flash memory
  • SDRAM memory
  • 2 x 120-pin small foot print connectors
  • Blackfin processor peripherals exposed
    • SPI
    • SPORT
    • TWI/I2C
    • GPIO
    • PPI
    • Asynchronous Parallel

For more information, go to The ADI web site.

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