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SDP to FMC Interposer


The SDP to FMC Interposer board is an adaptor that allows Xilinx FPGA Eval boards to connect to all daughter boards on the SDP Platform. SDP daughter boards are a wide range of component evaluation boards and Circuits from the Lab (TM) reference circuits. The SDP-I-FMC interposer provides the capabilities to prototype a Xilinx FPGA with an ADI data converter, mixed signal or RF system quickly and easily.

SDP-I-FMC Schematic:

Product Overview

Fig 1 : SDP-I-FMC Intposer Board

The SDP to FMC Interposer routes signals from the FMC connector to the SDP daughter board. There is no additional logic on the board. There is a Low Pin Count (LPC) FMC connector on board. The SDP-I-FMC can only be used with FPGA evaluation boards that have 3.3VIO logic.

The complete setup is shown below:

  1. KC705 Eval Board
  2. SDP-I-FMC Interposer board
  3. SDP daughter board

Fig 2: Prototype system setup.

Sample Projects/Code

Example Projects for the KC705 and a range of the SDP daughter boards, which show the basic connectivity between the KC705 and the ADI eval boards, are available on the link below Xilinx Reference Designs

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