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 +====== FMC-SDP Interposer ======
 +<WRAP tip>The FMC-SDP Interposer has nothing to do with the SDP Controller Boards, and the FMC-SDP Interposer will not run the SDP product evaluation software.</​WRAP>​
 +===== Preface =====
 +The [[adi>​en/​system-demonstration-platform/​interposer-boards/​evaluation/​EVAL-SDP-I-FMC/​eb.html|FMC-SDP interposer]] allows any Analog Devices SDP Evaluation Board to be used on a Xilinx® evaluation board with a FMC connector. The interposer uses the Low Pin Count (LPC) version of the FMC connector, so it can be used on either LPC or HPC hosts.The interposer and SDP Evaluation Boards can only work with 3.3VIO. ​
 +===== More information =====
 +  * [[/​resources/​alliances/​xilinx?&#​FMC-SDP_Interposer|Xilinx Reference Designs]] ​
 +  * [[adi>​en/​system-demonstration-platform/​interposer-boards/​evaluation/​EVAL-SDP-I-FMC/​eb.html#​buy|Purchase]]
 +  * [[ez>​community/​fpga|Help]]
 +===== Product Overview =====
 +{{:​resources:​eval:​sdp:​fmc_top.png?​nolink&​300|}} {{:​resources:​eval:​sdp:​fmc_bottom.png?​nolink&​300|}}
 +\\ Fig 1 : SDP FMC Adapter Board (a) top view (b) bottom view
 +The FMC-SDP Interposer routes signals from a Xilinx® evaluation board with a FMC connector to the SDP daughter board. There is no additional logic on board. There is a mating edge FMC connector and a 120 pin connector header for connecting to the SDP daughter boards. \\
 +===== Schematics =====
 +Rev 1.0:
 +  * {{:​resources:​eval:​sdp:​sdp-i-fmc_rev1.pdf|Schematics}}
 +  * {{:​resources:​eval:​sdp:​|Assembly Files}}
 +  * {{:​resources:​eval:​sdp:​|Fabrication Files}}
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