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 {{ :​resources:​eval:​sdp:​vcoautocal.png?​600 |}} {{ :​resources:​eval:​sdp:​vcoautocal.png?​600 |}}
 +This section allows you to control the auto-calibration time as well as disable auto-calibration altogether
 ==== Lock Detector ==== ==== Lock Detector ====
 {{ :​resources:​eval:​sdp:​ldet.png?​600 |}} {{ :​resources:​eval:​sdp:​ldet.png?​600 |}}
 +This section is used to enable/​disable the lock detector as well as determine its pulse count and precision ​
 +===== Basic Test Case =====
 +1. Begin by enabling the modulator power up setting ​
 +2. Attach a +5.0V supply to the DUT pin with a current limit of 400mA
 +3. Attach a Spectrum Analyzer to the RFOut pin of the ADRF6755
 +4. Hit the apply button at the bottom of the ACE 
 +5. Set the center frequency of the Spectrum Analyzer to 1875MHz and the span to 80MHz
 +6. Measure the output frequency and output power of the main RF output on the spectrum analyzer. The highest power tone at 1850MHz should read be greater than -4dBm
 +7. The power of the carrier feedthrough at 1875MHz should be at least 45dB below the 1850MHz tone (-45dBc)
 +8. The power of the suppressed sideband at 1900MHz should be at least 30dB below the 1850MHz tone (-30dBc)
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