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ezLINX™ iCoupler® Isolated Interface Development Environment Homepage

ezLINX™ Isolated RS-232 Implementation

The Isolated RS-232 port is implemented using the ADM3252E Signal and Power isolated RS-232 transceiver. The ADM3252E connects to UART3 of the ADSP-BF548 and is capable of functioning at data rates of up to 460kbit/s. Figure 1 below shows a circuit diagram of the implementation of the ADM3252E on the ezLINX hardware.

Figure 1. Isolated RS-232 schematic

The VCC of the ADM3252E is powered with 3.3V and will generate an isolated 3.3V on VISO using ADI’s isoPower technology.

A three pin screw terminal connector, J6 is used for easy access to the TOUT1(pin 2), RIN1(pin 3) and RS232_ISO_GND(Pin 1) connections. The jumper JP2 when fitted will connect the transmitter output(TOUT1) to the receiver input(RIN1), implementing a loopback feature.

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