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 =====Software Needed:​===== =====Software Needed:​=====
   * [[:​resources:​tools-software:​ace|Analysis | Control | Evaluation (ACE) Software]]   * [[:​resources:​tools-software:​ace|Analysis | Control | Evaluation (ACE) Software]]
-  * [[:​resources:​tools-software:​ace:​dpg-lite|DPG Lite]] or [[:​resources:​eval:​dpg:​dpgdownloader|DPG Downloader]]+  * [[:​resources:​tools-software:​ace:​dpg-lite|DPG Lite]] ​(Recommended;​ Installed with ACE)  ​or [[:​resources:​eval:​dpg:​dpgdownloader|DPG Downloader]] 
 + <​note important>​**Known Issue:** ACE may fail to detect HS-DAC boards, details [[resources:​tools-software:​ace:​knownissues#​high-speed_dac_eval_boards_are_not_discovered|here]].</​note>​ 
 =====Hardware Needed:​===== =====Hardware Needed:​=====
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