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AD971X/AD911X Evaluation Board

Documentation and software for using the AD9114/AD9115/AD9116/AD9117/AD9714/AD9715/AD9716/AD9717 Evaluation Boards are part of the DAC software suite. Documentation can also be downloaded individually below.

Files included in the AD9717 and AD9117 folders:

Data Pattern Generator

The Data Pattern Generator is a bench-top instrument for driving vectors into Analog Devices' high-speed Digital-to-Analog converters. The DPG connects to a PC over USB, and allows a user to download a vector from their PC into the DPG’s internal memory. Once downloaded, the vector can be played out to an attached Evaluation Board for a specific DAC at full speed. This allows for rapid evaluation of the DAC with both generic and custom-generated test data.

For more information on the DPG line of pattern generators and software:

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