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AD9152 Evaluation Board

The AD9152 evaluation boards…

Documentation and software updates for using High-Speed DAC Evaluation Boards are included in individual, self-extracting update files.

Files included in the AD9152 Update:

Item AD9152-EBZ AD9152-ADRF6720-EBZ AD9152-FMC-EBZ
Quick Start AD9152-ebz AD9152-adrf6720-ebz AD9152-fmc-ebz
Schematics RevB RevB RevA
Bill of Materials RevB RevB RevA
PCB Gerber Files RevB RevB RevA
PCB BRD File RevB RevB RevA
PCB Layout PDF RevB RevB RevA

Data Pattern Generator

The Data Pattern Generator (DPG) is a bench-top instrument for driving vectors into high-speed digital-to-analog converters. The DPG connects to a USB on a PC and allows a user to download a vector from the PC into the internal memory of the DPG. Once downloaded, the vector can be played out to an attached evaluation board for a specific DAC at full speed. This allows for rapid evaluation of the DAC with both generic and custom-generated test data.

For more information on the DPG line of pattern generators and software:

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