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This user guide describes both the hardware and software setup needed to acquire data capture from AD9154-FMC-EBZ evaluation board to characterize AD9154 16-bit 2.4Gsps quad JESD204B signal processing RF Digital to Analog Converter.

The AD9154-FMC-EBZ is an FMC mezzanine card and connects to an ADS7-V2 data pattern generator system. The ADS7-V2 automatically formats the data and sends it to the AD9154-FMC-EBZ via its JESD204B lanes. +12V, +3.3V, and VADJ power supply rails are provided by the ADS7-V2 system via the FMC connector P1. A clock distribution chip AD9516 is included on this EVB as a clock fan-out and frequency divider for the DACCLK, JESD204B SYSREF signals, and a GBTCLK clock used by the ADS7-V2. There is also an FMC standard I2C bus that is used by the ADS7-V2 to identify the AD9154-FMC-EBZ. This I2C interface is implemented in software in the AD9154-FMC-EBZ PIC processor (XU1). All ADS7-V2 to/from AD9154-FMC-EBZ interface signals are connected via the FMC connector P1.

Typical Setup

Figure 1. AD9154-FMC-EBZ Setup with ADS7-V2EBZ

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Software Needed

  • Do not install ACE on a computer with DAC Software Suite.
  • Known Issue: ACE may fail to detect HS-DAC boards, details here.

Hardware Needed

  • AD9154-FMC-EBZ Evaluation Board which comes with:
    • USB-A to USB-Mini Cable
  • ADS7-V2EBZ Evaluation Kit which includes:
    • 12V 60W AC/DC Power Supply
    • Power Cord
    • USB-A to USB-B Cable
  • PC with ACE and DPG Lite Software Applications
  • Low Phase Noise High-Frequency Continuous Wave Generator
  • Signal/Spectrum Analyzer and/or Wide Bandwidth Oscilloscope
  • 2 to 5 SMA Cables

Quick Start Guide

  1. Attach AD9154-FMC-EBZ onto the FMC connector of ADS7-V2 controller board. Connect the evaluation board to PC via USB, the continuous waveform generator output to J1, one of the DAC outputs to a spectrum/signal analyzer and the rest to an oscilloscope. Connect ADS7-V2 to PC via USB and to a 12V 60W AC/DC power supply, then switch the board ON using S1 beside the connector for 12V supply. Refer to Typical Setup section for pictures of actual evaluation setup.
  2. Set the frequency of the continuous waveform generator output to 1.5 GHz and the output level to +3 dBm. Enable the output.

    Figure 2. ADS7-V2 and AD9154 detected in DPG Software

  3. Start DPG Lite or DPG Downloader. A panel named after the detected controller board should appear at the bottom of the DPG window. The device on the evaluation board and the data interface should also be automatically detected by the software and shown at Evaluation Board and Port Configuration, respectively. See Figure 2.

    Figure 3. AD9154-FMC-EBZ detected in ACE

  4. Open ACE. The board will automatically be recognized by the software as shown in Figure 3. Otherwise, install the plugin for AD9154 evaluation board by following the steps in this page: Quickstart - ACE Quickstart and Plug-in Installation.

    Figure 4. ACE Initial Configuration Wizard

    Figure 5. ACE AD9154 Chipview Tab

  5. In ACE, apply the configuration wizard settings enumerated below and shown in Figure 4. JESD204B PLL should lock and the indicator should turn green.
    • Links: Single Link
    • JESD Mode: 0
    • Subclass1: False
    • Interpolation: 2
    • DAC PLL: False
    • FDAC: 1.5 GHz

      Figure 6. Single Tone and ADS7-V2 Configuration Panels in DPG

  6. In DPG Lite or DPG Downloader, configure single tone waveform generation. From the Add Generator Waveforms pulldown menu, select Single Tone. Apply the following settings:
    • Data Rate: 750 MHz
    • Desired Frequency: 180 MHz
    • DAC Resolution: 16 bits
    • Amplitude: 0 dB
    • Unsigned Data: unchecked
    • Generate Complex Data (I & Q): checked
  7. In the ADS7-V2 panel in the DPG window, configure Data Playback by selecting tones for the DAC outputs from each dropdown menu. Set JESD Mode to Mode 0, Links to Single, and Subclass to 0.

    Figure 7. AD9154 DAC Output FFT for Data Rate = 750 MHz, FOUT = 180 MHz

    Figure 8. Oscilloscope Capture of Other DAC Outputs

  8. Press the download arrow () then the play button (). As in Figure 6, Serial Line Rate should appear as 7.5 Gbps and Sync Status should have a check mark. FFT plot of one of the DAC outputs is shown in Figure 7 while the oscilloscope capture of the other outputs is Figure 8.
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