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Power Architecture

The power tree for this design is broken down into two parts: The on-tile chip power circuitries and the HMC8108 biasing/supply power circuitry. The reason this is done is to draw special attention to the intricacy of the power optimization for the HMC8108.

The power tree for the main circuit highlights a few power components. The LTM8063 is a 40V/2A silent switcher uModule regulator that is used to power the ADF5356, MAX5351, LTC6953 and AD9106. Two LTM8074 40V/1.25A silent switcher uModule regulator chips are used to power the 1P0 and 1P8 rails of the AD9083 on the Rx side. A LTM8020 36V/200mA uModule regulator is used to power the ADF5356 and an ADP5600 to power the LTC6269. The ADP5600 integrates a low ripple interleaved inverting charge pump with a high performance LDO to easily produce clean negative voltages to the AD8613 and LTC6269. Below is the power tree for the main circuit excluding the HMC8108 biasing/supply circuitry.

Figure 1: Main Circuit Power Tree

The power tree for the biasing circuit utilizes a couple of the same silent switching regulator power modules as the main circuit (LTM8063 and ADP5600). The drain biasing supply comes from the LTM8063, whereas the gate biasing supplies come from the ADP5600. A detailed breakdown of the HMC8108 biasing and supply circuitry is located in Receiver Front End Overview & Theory Of Operation. Below is the power tree for the biasing/supply circuits.

Figure 2: HMC8108 Biasing/Supply Circuit Power Tree

The total power per receive channel comes out to about 718mW. The per-part power draw numbers are outlined in the power trees above. Additionally, the table below shows the power numbers per chip family on the board.

Part Number Description Quantity on Board Estimated Power (W)
AD9083 16 Channel ADC 1 0.989
LTC6953 Low-Jitter Clock Distributor 1 2.475
ADF5356 Microwave Synthesizer with Integrated VCO 1 0.8124
LTC6421-20 Dual-Pack Differential Amplifier 8 1.92
HMC564LC4 Low Noise Amplifier 1 0.153
AD8613 Low Noise CMOS Rail-to-Rail Op Amp 1 0.0000684
MAX5351 13 Bit Voltage Output DAC 1 0.000842
HMC8108 Down Mixer 16 4.8
LT6017 Precision Op-Amp Quad Pack 16 0.016632
AD9106 4 Channel DAC/DDS 1 0.315249
HMC516LC5 Low Noise Amplifier 1 0.195

Table 1: Consumption numbers of powered parts on Marlin tile

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