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2-24 GHz Reference Design Hardware Prototyping

This page will detail the prototype hardware that ADI is developing to prove out and prototype this reference design. The hardware is composed of 2 main platforms:

  1. 2 to 24 GHz RX Engineering Platform
  2. 2 to 24 GHz TX Engineering Platform

Each platform is composed of 4 primary pieces of hardware:

  1. X-Microwave RF Signal Chain ( X-Microwave Reference Design Kits)
  2. AD9082 Evaluation Board (AD9082-FMCA-EBZ)
  3. ZCU102 Evaluation Board ( EK-U1-ZCU102-G)
  4. ADI's X-Microwave Bridge Board (AD-FMCXMWBR1-EBZ)

Additional pieces of hardware will be needed, such as cables, test equipment and power supplies.

With these 4 key pieces of hardware, the full signal chain (including Digitizer) can be evaluated for functionality and performance. Additionally, all control of the signal chain is conducted from a central location (FPGA on the ZCU102), which allows for coordinated control system prototyping.

Below is a diagram showing how these pieces will fit together to complete the prototyping system.

This Hardware is currently in development. We expect to have results of our prototyping posted soon.
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