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SiC ADuM4136 Gate driver Power Board

ADuM4136 SiC Driver Board


  • Half Bridge SiC Gate Driver Solution
  • >100kV/us CMTI
  • 12V VIN supply
  • LT3999 for isolate transformer driver
  • 2xADuM4136 for half bridge design
  • Full tested ‘Desat protection’
  • Low inductive and high current terminals for V+, V- and AC phase connection

Product Details

High power evaluation board, up to 1200V SiC devices featuring the combo ADI ADuM4136 isolated gate driver + LT3999 isolated power supply controller.

Safety Notice

SAFETY NOTICE - This is a high Voltage Board 1200V. Only qualified person to test this device in a suitable Lab environment.

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